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If you're new to our website, we firstoff wish to thank you for visitng us!

Sometimes people just need guidance on what to do next, which is why we offer flexible options for Artist Coaching. We can also help out by supporting you with Songwriting Services, and ofcourse we can meet your Video Production project requirements, typically faster than most any firm on the market.

After you've read information about our services, you will need to complete 2 steps before we will consider you an Active Member within our Community:

1. The starting step is to express interest with us, by completing the instructions on the Registration Page, by first reviewing our "Programs Overviews".

2.  You may then apply to register for the program, by completing a "New Client Registration Intake Form."

3. The last step is to complete Registration, acknowledging its Membership Terms & Payment Requirements.

4. "Contact Us" with additional questions and concerns before Registration.

We hope to see you soon,
Thank You.


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