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Long before returning to music, Kemmis remained familiar with Video Production. 

Members of his extended family, had worked in the Technology Industry for several years under a small family-owned firm, called "Northwest Tech." which was based out of Bellevue, WA.

His Paternal Grandmother remained the Business Owner until the end of 1998, where she was forced to close due to worsening health condtions.

During the following year, Kemmis entered Snohomish Senior High School as a Freshman. Around that same time, she had died of Emphysema. Though he still mourns the loss of his grandmother, while retaining technical skills from a young age, Kemmis grew up with Television Broadcasts as his main form of learning and entertainment.

He began by writing scripts while attending Drama courses, as well as Video Editing & Remastering. Starting out by removing advertisements from VHS tapes. Kemmis continued this task until approximately 2011, when Digital Video had been introduced.

Two years later, he'd become a Blu-Ray Disc Author. By 2016, Kemmis considered his video talents and the growth of Independent Filmmaking; he had directed a limited, non-profit film series, The One By One Documentaries.


The One By One Documentaries were created by Gregory Kemmis. It was a 3-Part, limited Indepedent Drama/Documentary film series which began in 2016 and concluded in 2018.

Its purpose remains to promote awareness regarding controversial issues surrounding movies, television and music.


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