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We try to include everyone on our potential lists of supporters.

Sometimes, the best supporters don't always come from the general populations, but individuals who've known you best throughout your life: your closest friends and family members.

When someone loses a bond with one of these types of connections, a caring individual is necessary for support purposes, making them even more valuable.

We'd like to recognize our special connections on this site, by offering them a Multiple-User Access Membership Program.

You can learn more about each program, by visiting their respective details in the next section.

We also would appreciate making some new friends, so they too could qualify one day, and remain in touch with us!



This membership is exclusive to friends and connections of the Artist/Composer, which he personally knows and/or trusts.

It is one of the most difficult plans to become eligible for, and requests that if the Artist/Composer has not invited you to join, the Applicant must send him an e-mail before proceeding.

However, it is a fully-featured plan... which provides the Applicant with significant tools towards their success.


This membership is more flexible with its eligibity criteria.

It's open to most applicants who are parents or homeowners with dependant children. It has a few limitations, but serves as a Multiple-User Access Membership for families (and does not require much verification).


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