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Creative Projects, Graphic Design and Songwriting are only some of our talents; we're also experienced with Photography & Videography.

One of the most powerful ways to illustrate a point, is to communicate effectively whle predicting what our audiences might anticipate as a result of our works. Artists strive on this idea as motivation before publishing their final product; It takes skill to do this, and the biggest compliment to us is when we receive recognition from onlooking viewers.

We are no exception and retain experience with all forms of Media.
We can prove this by sharing our Discography, Photography, Filmography and Podcasting histories with everyone.

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Gregory Kemmis has been an artist, long before he was known or decided to set up this Community Website.

So far, he has distributed over 4 archived albums...
We expect to do much more in the near future.


Kemmis has practiced taking High-Quality photographs ever since the adoption of Smartphones had become popular.

He has taken many pictures, commonly in a Widescreen aspect ratio.


A Video Editor since first attending High School, Kemmis both Directed & Produced a few cause-worthy films.

He was also the Creator & Writer of his own film series.


Kemmis recently became a Podcast Host, in addition to every other type of Media Arts Platforming experience he was involved with.


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