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"One By One, Two By Two" was the first album,
Gregory Kemmis released as an Independent Artist.

It was a Digital Album released by TuneCore Inc., which premiered on February 5, 2017.

The album was named One By One, Two By Two, not only because it was a reflection of Kemmis' beliefs in hard work and persistance, but the self-titled release was originally the first song Kemmis had composed... (during his Senior year of High Scool, before he graduated in 2003).

The song itself was revised multiple times before it had been released, but the infamous track at the time, was only known for Kemmis' personal motivation towards success.

It was also one of the foundational factors which contributes to the creation of Kemmis' limited film series, The One By One Documentaries, on behalf of his former non-profit organization, "Substitute Substandards Inc."

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