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As an Artist/Composer, we have expereinced the difficulties with creating projects, in multiple aspects throughout our history.

However, Kemmis remains committed to selflessness, persistance, Music Diversity and the impact it retains to global listeners. Kemmis displays these values within both the tracks and albums he produces.

We would like to continue upholding these values, while releasing more productions in the nearby future. We are only getting started with what we have planned for our listeners and/or their communities.

In addition, we accept public contributions on an ongoing basis.
You can help support our Current and Prospective Projects, by clicking on the following buttons:

Should you click on Current Projects, the funds go directly to the artist for one of his albums. If you click on Prospective Projects, you will help pay for the Management Program, which goes to Kemmis' Music Manager, and helps Kemmis continue making new albums.


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However if you are still looking for more information then you can contact us through one of our preferred contact methods: