You may find that when someone wants to request a service, they want a well-established firm or corporation. The disadvantage to this:

Typically when a firm is ready to accept clients, it's a hassle to get an appointment and when the potential client is ready to sign a contract... there are several unknown factors.

Examples like always getting a different customer service representative; employees who remain misinformed and cannot say anything else, because they're bound by a "job desciption" (while making comissions on your dime)...

Or worse... needing to talk with Executive Management, only to remind you of their Policies, while the applicant is confused and Security escorts that person out of the building. It's happened to us all, and the positive news is we are different:

We'll work with anyone from Younger Teens, all the way up to like-minded businesses. We have great technical skills and years of creative experiences, while the project costs are a fraction of what you'd pay a firm!



Our goal is to guide, educate and/or inspire people to not only become better with their creative talents, but also guide multiple people towards making an overall change... which only begins with high-quality music and story-telling.

We are able to offer you much more than that.
Depending on who you are, your needs and the abilities you'll develop while consulting directly with Artist/Composer: Gregory Kemmis, you could find the Keys to Your Own Kingdom by beginning with us.

This page gives you a layout of the benefits and limitations with each account, when becoming a participant "The Official Artist Community & Support Page."

We also remain transparent with you about pricing and mandatory fees, within the next few sections. (Remember, these are Membership Programs which are availabe to paid clients after they've completed the "New Client Registration Intake Form.")

If you need more information on our overall expectations, please review the "Polices & Agreements."


Single-User Only Access:

We have programs designed for only one Applicant per account, however these accounts are more basic and should not require much documentation to verify.


Single-User, Limited-Audiences Programs:

We have additional programs designed for only one Applicant per account. These accounts are limited to specific audience types and will require additional documentation and/or consent from several parties.


Multiple-User, Limited-Audiences Programs:

We offer Special Programs allowing access for Multiple-Users. These accounts are limited to specific audience types and will require additional documentation and/or consent from several parties.


Distribution Programs:

Our team offers 2 different Distribution Programs for a more expansive ability to help artists.

One is handled by Kemmis himself, geared towards Independant Artists (while Membership is optional)

The other for more advanced needs is a more expansive program handled by Kemmis' Music Manager.


Techincal Support:

Request Technical Support
(For Returning Clients Only)

Contact Us:

Contact Us
(Open to the General Public)

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