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Our goal is to guide, educate and/or inspire people to not only become better with their creative talents, but also guide multiple people towards making an overall change... which only begins with high-quality music and story-telling.

We have additional programs designed for only one Applicant per account. These accounts are limited to specific audience types and will require additional documentation and/or consent from several parties.



This plan offers an Academic Membership to High School students, between 14-17, who have not yet graduated while showing a profound interest in music and developing more of their talents.

Youth Account applicants will require Additional Documentation to be submitted before they are allowed to pay their required Special Registration Fees. We will need the Applicant to submit a copy of their ASB Card and a signed Parental Consent Form.



This plan offers an accommodating plan to applicants 18 Years or Older, whom are affected by poverty or additional hardships which challenge their quality of living.

We also offer this plan to individuals whom are classified as eligible for protections under the “Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.”



This is an Academic Membership Plan offered to Students between 18-25, who attend a College/University, while seeking a degree.

(Vocational Schools are also eligible.)


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